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Altais provides embedded software development services and SDKs for STB receiver manufacturers and software engineering teams within the digital TV industry.

We have 15 years experience developing embedded software for STBs, basic zappers and PVRs, for a range of different STB profiles and platforms.

Transport Stream Analysers

DemuxToy is an MPEG-2 / DVB TS analyser with a built-in PSI/SI stream compliance verifier.

What it does:

1. Check STB "signalling" in the stream

2. Set of detailed analyser views and XML reports, including extra views for incremental DVB additions used by a real-world STB profiles.

3. Contains an integrated stream compliance verifier (450+ rules)

Find DVB stream problems quickly.

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Latest News

DemuxToy Command Line Tools

Thursday 5th February 2015

TS Analyser Linux. DemuxToy Command Line Tools is a Linux TS demultiplexer for European set-top-box (STB) profiles ..... Read More

TS Analyser supports Broadcast Record Lists

Monday 14th April 2014

TS Analyser adds BRL support. The latest version of the DemuxToy TS Analyser supports troubleshooting Broadcast Record Lists (BRL) receiver functionality. BRL..... Read More