Altais has launched DemuxToy® TS Analyser.

DemuxToy® is a new kind of DVB Transport Stream Analyser, specialising in DVB middleware standards.

It functions like a malware or anti-virus scanner commonly used within PC platforms.

However, instead of finding problems that affect the software running on a PC, the DemuxToy® scan automatically detects and reports issues within the transport stream that may affect the proper function of the DVB middleware running within the set-top-box or receiver.

DemuxToy leverages 15 years of experience developing and integrating DVB middleware into set-top-boxes and other DVB receivers on DTT, satellite and cable networks.

The scan process features a simple 1-click operation and is fully automatic. No DVB expert knowledge is required to detect problems within the stream that otherwise can delay projects or manifest as customer facing middleware issues.

The scan also produces a set of detailed hard-disk reports to facilitate manual troubleshooting or debugging if needed.

DemuxToy is targeted to DVB middleware developers, network operators and certification test suite producers.

To try out the latest version visit our DemuxToy Stream Analyser free download page