ASN.1 Decoder and reports added.

The latest version of the DemuxToy Transport Stream (TS) analyser adds an integrated ASN.1 decoder.

ASN.1 notation is employed by many set top box (STB) receiver profiles to binary encode MHEG-5 interactive application files for transmission. An ASN.1 decoder, which generates a textual visualisation of the encoded files, is therefore an essential tool in troubleshooting misbehaving MHEG-5 applications.

The advantage of the DemuxToy built-in ASN.1 decoder is that it is integrated into the TS Analyser and runs automatically, without user intervention.

This makes it possible to convert from a multiplexed MPEG .TS file directly to a set of fully decoded MHEG5 applications in a single click, thereby eliminating many of the manual steps and effort involved in troubleshooting MHEG-5 applications running on STB receivers.

The automatic operation is also ideal for scripting or automated verification for carousel creators.

To try out the latest version visit our DemuxToy Stream Analyser free download page