DemuxToyLite Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to run DemuxToyLite free TS analyser are:

winlogosmall Windows


Requirement Recommendation
OS Windows 8/7/XP, 32 & 64 bit
.NET Framework 2.5 or above
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
Memory 512MB or better (2GB+ recommended)
Disk Space 12 MB for installation files
Disc Space For Reports 2-4 GB recommended, depends on streams scanned


DemuxToyLite scans DVB transport stream input files with 1-click.

During the scan the Analyser simultaneously demultiplexes and runs rules checking on many sub-components within the TS file. For example, Service Information (SI), EPGs, codecs, linear service components, DSM-CC carousels, subtitling, metadata etc.


Peak Memory requirements are stream dependent. For real-world TS recordings 1-2GB memory is recommended.

Adjust the component scanning configuration under Settings Tab to reduce memory.

Disk Space

DemuxToyLite v1.1.0 or later may be configured to generate a high volume of debugging data to the PC filesystem during a scan. This data is NOT deleted by DemuxToy between scans.

The user should periodically purge old files no longer required using Windows File Explorer.

If generating reports to your main system volume then be aware you may exhaust the capacity of your hard-disk if it is nearly full.

Adjust the component scanning configuration under Settings Tab to reduce the volume of reports and decoded data generated during a scan, as required.


You can download the latest release here: DemuxToyLite TS Analyser latest download page


If you have any trouble installing or running DemuxToyLite to your system please Email us.

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