The Altais SI Database SDK is a lightweight C/C++ implementation of the industry standard DVB Service Information (SI) API, with extensions for European STB profiles and PVRs.

It is portable to any digital TV receiver or set-top-box.

The API allows clients to access Service Information (SI) contained within DVB transport streams available to the receiver from its network interfaces.

The SDK is available as an individual component so may be used as the basis to implement your own in-house STB middleware or receiver.


• Requests for DVB standard tables (EN 300 468) plus extension tables (AIT/RCT)

• APIs for each descriptor

• Caching strategy

• Version monitoring for table updates

• DVB text decoder (Annex A) included with Huffman decompression

• Target Region Hierarchy decoder included

• Full EPG included

• TV-Anytime CRID resolver included for series recordings & alternate instances (PVR)

• Promotional link and image icon decoder

• DTG D-book 7 compliant



• EN 300 468
• ETR 211
• TV-Anytime TS 102 323
• DVB Bluebook A068 - DVB Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)

Porting Requirements

The SDK requires the host to supply a small porting layer specific to the receiver platform:

• Section Filtering API 

• OS Threads API

Licensing Options

• Royalty or Royalty free licensing available

Operating Systems

• The SDK is compiled to the customer's specification or released as source. It is designed for embedded receiver targets but is independent of any particular SoC or operating system.


The SDK is currently at a BETA evaluation stage. If you are interested to evaluate it for your STB project please get in touch.

Request more information or a demo.