DemuxToy Lite is fully functioning, DVB / MPEG transport stream analyser for TS files that you can download and use for free.

What is different about this TS Analyser:

* Focuses more on "signalling" within the Transport Stream, which is relied upon by STB embedded software.

* Contains demo of integrated Stream Compliance Verifier (demo: 200+ rules)

* Analyser views of DVB incremental additions used by real STB profiles and PVRs


downloadbutton1 V1.2.4

DemuxToyLite TS Analyser latest download page

Basic functionality:
• 35+ independent “Analyser Views” of the stream content
• Decode over 100+ descriptors to human text (saves XML report)
• ETR 290 Monitoring
• Simultaneous PCR Monitoring (saves PCRs to file)
• Section Arrival, Delivery, repetition, CRCs.
• Audio codec header decode (MPEG1/2, AC-3, DTS, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2, AAC-LC)
• Decodes and explodes all linear service components – DVB Subtitles, EBU Teletext pages, VBI transcoding streams, PTS-DTS timing.
• 1-click simultaneous monitor & explode to disk all DSM-CC carousels - MHEG-5, TV-A Metadata, HbbTV
• EIT schedule decode to XML report
• PID monitoring, bitrate and intelligent PID naming (recognises H.265/HEVC)
• ECM/EMM monitoring including automatic identification of CAS system “private PIDS” and save to disk in section syntax
• SI networks, bouquets, Services, multiplexes

Analyser views for incremental DVB extensions e.g. D-Book/Nordig:
• Target region hierarchy reconstruction
• Network change messages
• Content Management Signalling (CMS)
• TV-A metadata carousels
• Trailer booking / promotional links
• Image Icon reconstruction
• DTR / PVR signalling
• Event linkages
• LCN assignment rules, duplicate services, ETR short names, simulcasts…

Full set of reports and demultiplexed data saved to your PC’s file system:
• SI Tables Report (XML) – 100+ descriptors fully decoded
• SI Networks report (XML)
• SI Bouquets report (XML)
• SI Services report (XML) – including target regions, network changes, CMS
• EIT schedule tables (XML) – individual reports per service
• PIDs (bitrate calculation)
• TV-A CRIDs and locators (XML) – series, recommendation, programme
• Promotional Links & Trailer booking (XML) – plus saves image icons to file
• Audio codecs (TXT) – and reconstructs the audio to bitstream syntax (AU) for playback on a player.
• DVB Subtitles (XML) – plus reconstructs region bitmaps to disk in order
• EBU Teletext (XML)
• ECM/EMM data (XML) – plus CAS private PIDs save to disk
• PCR (TXT) – all raw PCR values extracted to a file with byte index
• DSM-CC carousels (XML) – automatically reconstructs all modules and objects to a file system hierarchy on your PC so you can browse from the SRG download to check files and links.
• TV-A metadata.


The free TS analyser is currently Windows XP/7/8 only.

Note. The automatic DemuxToy verify tool runs on linux / Windows.


DemuxToy Lite analyser helps for manual STB troubleshooting, by providing detailed “Analyser Views” of the stream, plus a set of offline reports and exploded data that can be used by an experienced STB engineer to troubleshoot a problem.


Questions or problems? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are a company and have a problem stream, or a misbehaving STB then drop us an email. If currently on-site, let us know in the mail.

Support for private SI, CAS or EPGs is possible in a custom build if required.


The most recent TS Analyser release is available for free download here:

winlogosmall DemuxToyLite TS Analyser v1.2.4 zipped .MSI installer file for Windows (5.2MB)
  for Windows 8/7/XP, 32 & 64 bit


Note. If using Google Chrome, the same installer file is available as a .7z compressed file rather than a .zip if you have problems downloading. See our download page for more information.