DemuxToy Command Line tools is a TS Demultiplexer for European set-top-box (STB) profiles running from the Linux shell or command prompt.

It is provided for STB developers that want a quick and easy utility to demultiplex MPEG-2 Transport Stream files on Linux hosts.


* Handy tool – fully automatic so you can just give it a TS file and it will explode everything automatically to your folder

* Detailed – extract every audio & subtitle stream, DSM-CC carousel, PCR value, SI information & ECM/EMM to your hard-disk automatically using simultaneous internal decoders

* Reports – detailed set of XML reports generated e.g. SI tables with 100+ descriptors decoded, ETR 101 290 etc.


The tool also provides TS analyser views for extensions to the baseline DVB standards as used by European set-top-boxes (Target regions, NCD, TV-Anytime, 'Promo' Links, Image icons).

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Ubuntu (Debian) 64-bit demuxtoy_1.0.98-2_amd64.deb downloadbutton1

More packages for different distributions and architectures will be added. Please check back later.

Debian (.deb) packages are used by Ubuntu.

To download the package right click on the link according to your LInux distribution and download it. Only 64-bit Debian packages are provided currently.


The package should install from your file manager by clicking on it. Alternatively you may install packages from the command-line terminal by typing the following:

sudo dpkg -i demuxtoy_1.0.98-2_amd64.deb



Once installed, a TS file may be fully demultiplexed simply by typing something like this:

$ demuxtoy /streams/a.ts --out=~/myfolder


This will demultiplex a TS called "a.ts" and generate any XML reports to a sub-folder in your home directory called ~/myfolder/a.ts

You can demultiplex further TS files into the same folder.

See the usage information for further options:

$ demuxtoy --help

XML reports are best viewed in an Internet browser for optimum formatting.