Thursday 5th February 2015

TS Analyser Linux.

DemuxToy Command Line Tools is a Linux TS demultiplexer for European set-top-box (STB) profiles


Monday 14th April 2014

TS Analyser adds BRL support.

The latest version of the DemuxToy TS Analyser supports troubleshooting Broadcast Record Lists (BRL) receiver functionality.

BRL is specified in the latest Freeview / Nordig receiver profiles for DTRs.



Friday 11th April 2014

ASN.1 Decoder and reports added.

The latest version of the DemuxToy Transport Stream (TS) analyser adds an integrated ASN.1 decoder.

ASN.1 notation is employed by many set top box (STB) receiver profiles to binary encode MHEG-5 interactive application files for transmission. An ASN.1 decoder, which generates a textual visualisation of the encoded files, is therefore an essential tool in troubleshooting misbehaving MHEG-5 applications.


Friday 21st February 2014

DTR signalling violations scan added.

Altais have released a new Digital TV Recorder (DTR) module for the DemuxToy® DVB middleware analyser tool.

The upgrade adds detection capabilities specifically for violations in SI signalling relied upon by the middleware running in DTR enabled receivers.


Friday 10th January 2014

Altais has launched DemuxToy® TS Analyser.

DemuxToy® is a new kind of DVB Transport Stream Analyser, specialising in DVB middleware standards.

It functions like a malware or anti-virus scanner commonly used within PC platforms.

However, instead of finding problems that affect the software running on a PC, the DemuxToy® scan automatically detects and reports issues within the transport stream that may affect the proper function of the DVB middleware running within the set-top-box or receiver.