DTR signalling violations scan added.

Altais have released a new Digital TV Recorder (DTR) module for the DemuxToy® DVB middleware analyser tool.

The upgrade adds detection capabilities specifically for violations in SI signalling relied upon by the middleware running in DTR enabled receivers.

DemuxToy DTR support includes:

  • TV-Anytime CRIDs scanning and reporting
  • Related Content Table (RCT)
  • Trailer booking and promotional link verification
  • Image icon testing
  • EIT schedule tables scanning
  • XML reports

Non DTR receivers can also benefit from a comprehensive and automatic scan of the full EIT schedule tables for middleware affecting problems. Every EIT sub-table, section and descriptor is automatically checked in real-time, including compliance of SI identifiers to DVB rules, relied upon by the DVB middleware to render a stable TV guide.

New offline reports are also provided for manual debugging and troubleshooting.

DemuxToy is targeted to DVB middleware developers, network operators and certification test suite producers.

For more information and to download a free version click DemuxToy TS Analyser overview