TS Analyser Linux.

DemuxToy Command Line Tools is a Linux TS demultiplexer for European set-top-box (STB) profiles

It is not complicated to use. You simply give it a Transport stream file and it will fully demultiplex the TS to an output folder of your choice. 

The tool features multiple internal "set-top-box" style decoders, allowing the full TS to be decoded simultaneously and easily. In addition to demultiplexing there are traditional TS analyser 'views' saved as XML / Text reports.

Demultiplexer output:

* All audio, subtitle and teletext services extracted

* DSM-CC data & object carousels

* MHEG-5

* System Software Update (SSU)

* TV-Anytime metadata and content references


* CAS public & private data (EMM/ECM)

* PCRs

TS Analyser views:

* SI Table XML Report (100+ descriptors fully decoded)

* Incremental STB profile extensions (Target Regions, NCD, Promotional Links, Image Icons etc.)

* PIDs


The TS Analyser command line is a handy tool for debugging STB problems and investigating problem transport streams on Linux hosts. It is also free to download and use.

To try out the latest version visit our TS Analyser Command Line Tools page.