DemuxToy SDK adds PSI/SI standards compliance verification to existing TS Analyzers and monitoring tools.

The SDK is written in ANSI C with a C++ API and is portable across any host operating system or platform. It is the result of over 15 years experience troubleshooting set-top-box (STB) interoperability issues to different broadcast networks and operator signalling.

The SDK is supplied as a pre-compiled library with a user guide and a fully documented API for the customer to integrate into their host application.


• Real-time PSI/SI compliance verifier as an SDK

• Easy integration to existing TS Analysers - send it sections, query violations found

• 500+ rules

• Fast and lightweight - minimum burden on existing host application

• Supports DVB standards and private STB profiles

• DTG D-book 7 compliant



• Adds value to existing TS Analyser applications

• TS Monitoring devices

• Port directly to digital TV receivers, including set-top-boxes and PVRS for troubleshooting interoperability issues with operator SI signalling


Technical Specifications

  Category General outline of checks performed

  PSI/SI Tables

Detailed checks for each kind of table PAT, CAT,   PMT, SDT, NIT, BAT, RCT, AIT, EIT


Checks DVB rules for valid table splitting, partial delivery, dropped sections, ETR 211

Descriptor loops

Check every descriptor loop descriptor scoping rules, inappropriate descriptor placement, absent descriptors, invalid PDSD, conflicted scoping, unknown tags


Individual rule(s) for each MPEG/DVB descriptor. All DTG D-Book private descriptors, EACM private descriptors

Text field encodings

Check every DVB text field encoding e.g. illegal character code points, invalid or malformed UTF-8 byte sequences, Huffman compressed strings

SI Identifiers

Check valid SI identifiers, ETR211 use of SI identifiers, cross-consistency.

Table & descriptor cross consistency

Cross consistency checks EIT v SDT v NIT, EIT v   PMT, NIT v PAT, linkage descriptors point to valid targets, component tags actually exist


Check every EIT event, text & description encodings, event ID (re)assignment rules and conflicts, gaps/overlaps, valid event linkages, component descriptions

Series Recording Signalling

Check every TV-Anytime CRID type, byte encoding, URI encoding, default authority rules (SDT/NIT/BAT), EITpf trigger consistency

Related Content signalling

Check every RCT link, link type, classification. Reconstruct & verify all image icons and check promotional text encoding rules

Target Region signalling

Built-in real-time target region decoder verifies TRD hierarchy plus rules for TRD descriptors

Network Changes

Checks network message text encoding, orphan messages, message descriptor checking


Licensing Options

• Royalty or Royalty free licensing available

Operating Systems

• The SDK is compiled to the customer's specification. Windows, Linux or any embedded targets are supported

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