Backend Software Development

Microservices and system level software for high-performance backend servers, appliances or embedded devices

Backend software development


We offer consulting and software development services tailored for modern microservice-based backends deployed on public or hybrid clouds, as well as system-level software for high-performance backend server and embedded devices

Microservices and APIs

We specialize in creating robust microservice-based backends designed to effortlessly scale with your growing needs. Whether you’re seeking guidance on architecting microservices, refining APIs, exploring modernization options in the cloud, or requiring expert assistance in development and rigorous testing, we’ve got you covered

Project Acceleration

We offer the opportunity to attach an experienced tech lead or architect with specialized knowledge in microservices and backend development to collaborate with your in-house team. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a project, accelerate specific phases, or overcome current technical hurdles, we have a tech lead available to accelerate your project

Low Level Software

We have many years of experience in high-performance, concurrent C/C++ Linux system level software designed to run in storage appliances, virtual machines or Bare metal instances, where software performance during high compute intensive or high traffic workloads matters. Additionally, we can help with development of real-time operating system (RTOS) based embedded system software tailored for low-level devices and sensors

Performance Engineering & Testing

Prioritizing performance during backend development is crucial to prevent scalability issues, unpredictability, and instability. Backend projects are often delayed due to finding performance issues too late. We create custom virtual environments and tools to simulate load and stress workloads. We can help identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks early and during development

About Us

We are a specialised software development and consulting company focused on backend systems. The software we help create typically runs microservice based backends or in virtual machines and bare metals, where performance matters, and the software handles high-compute or high traffic workloads. We also cover embedded low-level software and firmware that runs in embedded devices and low-power sensors.

For over 15 years, we’ve helped the in-house teams from device manufacturers, cloud providers, and other software development companies with the challenges of backend systems and low-level software within their wider projects.

We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

Technology Sectors

Software for the Cloud

Unlock the potential of microservices with our consulting services designed to empower your in-house team in building high-performance backend systems. We can help with synchronous and asynchronous event streaming microservices, leveraging technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, API Gateway, and serverless patterns.

Storage Software

We offer assistance with storage gateways and the development of custom distributed filesystem backends, streamlining cloud lift & shift projects or hybrid cloud integrations. Additionally, we provide expert advice on overcoming storage scalability, performance, and high availability challenges during the integration of File, Object, and Block storage APIs with cloud-native applications.

Digital TV

We bring extensive expertise in embedded software tailored for DTV standards like HbbTV 1.5 and 2.0.1, Freeview Play, and D-book. We have successfully assisted global device manufacturers in completing chipset ports and adaptation projects for connected TVs and set-top boxes, encompassing DVB middleware embedded software development and comprehensive project management.

Embedded Devices

We offer embedded software engineering and consulting for real-time C/C++ embedded software, covering business logic app development, middleware, hardware abstraction layers (HAL), linux kernel, device drivers, peripherals and sensor interfacing. We have experience with wide range of microcontoller devices and testing

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